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DivusX is one of the most trusted platform for effective tools. Convert videos, host images, generate passwords, short url's and much more.


Enjoy a better workflow.

Use our tools and enjoy a better workflow. Convert videos, share your pictures or simply generate your personal passwords. And all this completely free of charge without pop-ups or viruses.

"Since I've been using DivusX in my daily work and private life, I no longer waste time looking for the individual tools and
then being spammed full of pop-ups or viruses."

Paul P.

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The Tools

Video Converter

With our converter, you can quickly and easily convert videos via link and download them in mp3 or mp4 for free. 

Image Hosting

With this tool you can easily upload an image & host it, edit the image in the browser and then share it. 

URL Shortener

Shorten your URLs into clean, efficient and secure URLs. All links that try to disseminate spam, viruses and malware are deleted.

Code Sharing

Take a look at your code, publish your code or share it with your friends.

Password Generator

Generate your personal passwords privately, securely and free. We help you to have strong passwords always. 

File Hosting

With our File Hosting Tool, you can upload large powerful files and host it with us. Up to 5GB for free!


If you need help with the tools, you are always
welcome to contact us here.

Unlike the others, DivusX has all the features in one place, so you don't have to take a new provider and use a new account for each feature.

If you have ideas for new features or updates, please feel free to contact us.

The data you upload are hosted securely and privately on our servers. Nobody has access to the files. Only you and the people you shared with.

Your videos are always converted for free in the resolution 1080p!

share us and we are happy.

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